Computing research challenges for the 21st century

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Peter Lee and Ed Lazowska posted at the CCC’s blog last week on an initiative they have going to collect short idea pieces on the future of computing research from the industry’s best and brightest

Well, the response has been tremendous. A sample of what we received is now posted on the CCC web site at There are essays on the central role that computing research has in our economy, ideas for research/education infrastructure, “re-envisioning DARPA”, and proposals for research initiatives in personalized medicine, transportation, “big data” computing, computer architecture, networking, cyber-physical systems, and more. WIth this treasure trove of thoughtful inputs, we are now using available channels and the CRA and CCC’s resources to get these noticed by as many policymakers as possible.

Evidently things have gone so well that they are going to grow the process

We have been so heartened by the response that we are now talking about having a more organized process for soliciting and publishing these sorts of idea-pieces. Stay tuned here and on the CCC web site for more details, some time early in 2009. We’ll also be asking some of the authors of these writeups to post followup discussion pieces on this blog.

What do you have to contribute? Read what’s already been done, and spend a couple minutes envisioning the future of your corner of HPC. I’ve already started printing them out.

One suggestion to the CCC? Expand accessiblity by posting versions of the writeups in formats other than MS Word. In fact, if you need help, I volunteer to convert them to PDF.