Gov Bill Richardson points to the next job for Encanto

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You’ll recall that early last year New Mexico’s big (like number 3 on the Nov 2007 list big) SGI started running jobs from outside users, and that NM’s plans for the machine were such that it would “pay for itself.” Gov Richardson delivered his state of the state address last week, and Encanto got a mention

We made a great step forward when we initiated the state supercomputing center — the first public-private partnership of its kind. Now companies and universities are using the supercomputer to create alternative fuels, develop solar energy projects, and attract millions of dollars in venture capital. And the supercomputer’s next task? Turning two-dimensional movies into 3D movies for Hollywood and earning hard dollars for state coffers.

I guess I hope he can pull it off, but there are easier ways to make money for the state than selling cycles. It didn’t work out so well for, did it?