Wired's list of the top 10 evil computers

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I know we’re only a few days into 2009, but this is likely to me my favorite link of the year: an article at Wired.com that looks at supercomputing’s bad boys:

That means Monday is HAL’s 17th birthday. Even though the reformed supercomputer saves the lives of Dr. Haywood Floyd and crew in 2010 with a heroic act of self-sacrifice, HAL became one of cinema’s creepiest and most effective villains as it refused to open those pod bay doors. But HAL wasn’t the first — and won’t be the last — crooked pile of microchips. Here’s a look at the birthday boy’s comrades in computer criminality

My favorite from the list? MCP from Tron (though not technically an actual machine, I guess). Did your favorite make the list? Even better, if it didn’t, drop it’s name in a comment on this post and I’ll make a new list.