Ferrari Driving More than Sports Cars

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Ferrari is driving innovation in more than just its high performance sports cars these days.  Their deisgn processes are so dependent upon high performance computing that they’re beginning to drive data center technology as well.  They have actually separated their corporate design/IT data center from their Formula-1 design center.  The latter, aptly named the F1 Data Center, houses roughly sixty racks of IBM, Sun and HP servers and storage.  The building in which it is housed was constructed back during the 1940’s, so Ferrari hired APC to come in and modernize everything based on their latest data center requirements.

The center services CFD simulations and other technical needs 24×7.  During race season, the Ferrari race team actually brings part of the data center with them.  150 Ferrari IT members and seven trucks worth of servers and power supplies accompany the race team to 18 locations during the season.  That is impressive!

For more info on Ferrari’s F1 data center, read the full article here at eWeek.