Sun to Deploy South Africa's Biggest Super

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It’s so super, they call it a supercomputer.  Sun announced details today to deploy the largest supercomputer in South Africa at the hands of the Centre for High Performance Computing [CHPC] in Cape Town.

The proposed end-to-end solution is based on a hybrid architecture that provides an estimated 27 teraFLOPS of peak computing power. At the core of this computing power, is a Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 server with 64 SPARC64 VII quad-core processors, and a cluster of four Sun Blade 6048 Modular Systems, to be delivered in two stages. Stage one consists of one Sun Blade 6048 Modular System with 48 blades based on Intel Xeon E5450 processors, and stage two consists of three Sun Blade 6048 Modular Systems that house 144 blades based on the next-generation Intel Xeon processor.

This will add to the IBM BlueGene/P already announced.  Sounds like the folks at the CHPC are bringing in some heavy iron!  For more info, read the full release here.


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