Arkansas Gov signs cyberinfrastructure task force into law

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Now this is interesting. On Tuesday of this week AK governor Mike Beebe signed a law creating a new cyberinfrastructure task force in his state

The Arkansas Cyberinfrastructure Task Force Act, sponsored by Rep. Jon Woods, raises the importance and visibility of cyberinfrastructure in the state of Arkansas. Cyberinfrastructure means shared high performance computing, data storage systems, data repositories, advanced instruments, data center facilities, visualization environments, and people, all linked together by software and an advanced statewide optical network to improve and enable breakthroughs not otherwise possible.

This is part of implementation of the 2008 Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Plan, which also includes a statewide research network called ARE-ON, and the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center. Looks to me like Arkansas has it going on.