Behind Blue Waters

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My pal Bill Kramer (who I just interviewed as part of a project I’m doing that I’ll talk more about in a week or so) has center stage in a video NCSA just released about the Blue Waters project.

Something I didn’t realize until I talked with Bill yesterday is the extent to which Blue Waters is not just a machine — it’s a whole program, with foci on training, software porting and tuning, application development, a new 24 MW facility, outreach, and a whole host of efforts.

In this video Bill is taking about how users can get involved

Deputy Project Director Bill Kramer describes working with scientists and engineers around the country on Blue Waters and talks about how new research teams can get involved. These relationships will help make Blue Waters the first supercomputer to achieve sustained-petaflops performance on a range of scientific research when the system comes online in 2011.