Butte Sim Center Close to a Deal with USAF

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Earlier this month, the Butte-MT-based National Center for Health Care Informatics signed an agreement with the US Air Force to produce advanced computer-simulated training environments.  What better place to run the scenarios but the Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center right down the street.  The Informatics group would design the virtual worlds and run them from the Butte supercomputing center.  The first training scenario will include those for pararescuemen.

“It’s a huge thing right now, especially in personnel recovery,” [Sgt. Rod Alne [USAF Retired]] said. “It’s a huge undertaking to design these training exercises.” He said the virtual worlds could be as varied as rescuing a man out of a confined space –such as a blown-up building –to a jump at 10,000 feet.

For more info, read the full article here.