University of Michigan Scores a SiCortex

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sicortex1The University of Michigan Center for Arrythmia Research is has announced their use of a SiCortex machine dedicated to the study of heart arrhythmia.  Researchers have taken the computational approach in order to better understand causes and possible treatments for the condition.

We are studying the conditions of numerous variables that can interrupt the heart’s regular rhythm and lead to an arrhythmia,” said Dr. Berenfeld, the assistant professor of Internal Medicine and Biomedical Engineering at the Center for Arrhythmia Research. “Through sophisticated mathematical modeling and parallel computations running on the SiCortex systems, we can reproduce the heart’s electrical activity to pinpoint more precisely where and how abnormal rhythms originate within the heart muscle. Understanding the origin is an important step in determining the underlying cause of the problem.”

The computer models are used alongside electrical data collected from various sources.  For more info, read the full release here.