New green datacenter, concern over regulation

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From Enterprise IT Planet’s green news roundup, a few items of interest to the HPC-minded

PEER 1 Network Enterprises begins work on a 41,000 sq ft green data center in Toronto. Features include an on-site well, high efficiency centrifugal chillers, and heat exchangers to take advantage of free cooling the cooler months.

A new survey of senior data center professionals in Europe reveals 70 percent are extremely concerned or very concerned about the impact of green regulations on data centers.

SAP acquires Clear Standards, a U.S.-based company specializing in helping companies measure, optimize and report greenhouse gas emissions.

And don’t forget about our Green HPC podcast series, launching in June. You won’t find us going on about the need to reduce carbon footprint, this simply isn’t an issue that drives our community. But, reducing your energy consumption, and finding better ways to manage your compute and infrastructure, will let you cram in more FLOPS for the watts you do use, and this means more science coming out the other end. And this is something about which all HPC’ers are definitely passionate. See, you do care about green computing after all. And, bonus, you get to tell your kids you did something good for the planet (even if you didn’t mean to).

Learn more about the series, and be sure to tune in this June.