Altair Receives Extension to DoD HPCMO Workload Management

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altairAltair has announced that the US Department of Defense has decided to excercise the option to extend the use of PBS Pro as the standard workload management solution for the High Performance Computing Modernization Program [HPCMP].  The contract covers the high performance computing centers located at the Army Research Lab [ARL], Air Force Research Lab [AFRL], Navy DoD Supercomputing Center [NAVO], Engineer Research and Development Center [ERDC] and the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center [ARSC].

We focus on making the most secure, reliable, and scalable software in the industry,” said Dr. Bill Nitzberg, PBS GridWorks Chief Technical Officer at Altair, “and we’re very pleased that the Department of Defense continues to trust PBS Professional to manage some of the most sophisticated machines in the world.”

Altair originally won the two year contract back in 2006.  The contract has a series of eight one-year renewal options.  This award is the first of those options.  For more info, read the full release here.


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  1. Why does the DOD insist on these 1 year contracts with N 1-year options? All it does is make employees and companies paranoid, lowering productivity and employee morale.

  2. Oh haven’t you heard… Cray Henry and his Crew believe that people are interchangeable. Contracts will come and go but, people… they all stay so the contracts won’t matter.