Bull Launches Green Supercomputer

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bullBull has launched its latest addition to its high performance computing line of product offerings.  The new machine, called Bullx, was designed with energy efficiency in mind.  The new system is based on blade servers with Intel 5500 [Nehalem] silicon and integrated QDR Infiniband.  Racks can be outfitted with up to six chassis of eighteen blades each.  Racks can include optional water-cooled doors.

Everything in the system has been chosen to suit the demands of high-performance computing customers, according to Fabio Gallo, vice president and general manager of Bull Extreme Computing Solutions. The number-one criteria for these customers is application performance, but having an energy-efficient system is also becoming increasingly important, Gallo said.

Bull has also designed an integrated “accelerator” blade that makes use of standard graphics processors.  At the time of release, Bull will support  both RedHat Enterprise Linux and Windows HPC Server 2008.  For more info, read the full release here.