LSU Hosts Beowulf Boot Camp

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1009smHPCWire: The LSU Center for Computation and Technology, or CCT, has announced that it will be holding a Beowulf Boot Camp.  The boot camp was designed to give Louisiana high school students the chance to work with advanced computing technology, not typically found in a normal high school setting.

Students will work in small groups to build small clusters from scratch.  The groups will then collaborate and integrate their individual machines to build a mini supercomputer.  They will continue the camp by developing and running small applications, followed by some benchmarking and performance analysis.

It is important that university professors focus not only on college-age students, but reach out to students in the K-12 grades, inspiring them to attend college and making them aware of the possibilities in a field many have not considered or been exposed to previously,” [Thomas] Sterling said. “With the Beowulf Boot Camp, the students will not only learn more about computational science, they will learn more about themselves. This camp helps them realize they can interact with professors and university researchers, and exposes them to new interests and opportunities for their future careers or academic studies.”

Sterling originally developed the program in 2007 in collaboration with CCT faculy and staff.  For more info, check out their website here.