Cloud-based simulation for automotive engineering

Print Friendly, PDF & Email is running a feature on the use of hosted computational resources (“clouds”) for simulation-based automotive simulation. The contrast is of course between locally maintained clusters for CFD and mechanical computation and remotely hosted resources

Putting the computational processing power in the cloud reduces this overhead. Southampton start-up dezineforce has developed a hosted engineering design optimisation service. This software as a service (SaaS) offering gives users access to an integrated suite of tools for the analysis of design behaviour and for systematic search.

dezineforce uses a setup based on Windows HPC Server 2008, and serves customers in aerospace, automotive, energy, and manufacturing.

The company has shown what SaaS can do for engineering at several events this year. It recently demonstrated a wind farm optimisation simulation with a company called Intelligent Fluid Solutions, which used the dezineforce service to simulate the optimal position for wind turbines on a wind farm. The service allowed Intelligent Fluid Solutions to run the simulation as a cloud service, without the need to invest in a high-performance computing cluster.