Gazprom subsidiary uses ANSYS for equipment development

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Simulation software maker ANSYS announced today that VNIIGAZ, the Scientific-Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies and a subsidiary of Moscow-based gas exploration company Gazprom, is using ANSYS simulation technologies to support its business

Cray logo…VNIIGAZ is using multiphysics simulation software from ANSYS to improve reliability and drive technological innovation in the pipeline equipment used to transfer oil and gas. The company also is applying Simulation Driven Product Development to simulate emergency scenarios in an industry that is especially hazardous.

In its research and development efforts, VNIIGAZ uses ANSYS structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and explicit dynamics analysis tools to perform studies on erosion and combustion, stress-strain analysis, strength and fatigue analysis, and studies of internal and external loads in gas pipelines. One specific application involves modeling the physics of equipment damage, thereby facilitating the development of new damage prevention strategies and technologies.

Extensive risk-assessment simulations are planned to explore scenarios such as gas explosions and the spread of fire to help maintain and improve operational safety at Gazprom.

More in the release. (The image shows deformation of pipes and soil mass under different points of fracture in a casing starter.)