insideHPC, now 93.4% more iPhone friendly

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…and iPod Touch and Android, too (97.2% and 63.4%, respectively).

I’ve just added a little plugin to insideHPC to make it render in a format that’s more standard for what you’d expect on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android mobile device. The new view happens automatically when you visit the site using the browser on one of these mobile devices, and results in dramatically faster load times and an all around better user experience. Lots of Ajax-y goodness, and a focus on just the bits you need to get your HPC news fix on the go.

Of course, you still have the option to look at the site exactly as it appears in your desktop — just scroll to the bottom of the page, click the switch, and it’s like nothing ever changed. There’s even a cookie so you don’t have to repeat the change every time you visit insideHPC on your phone.