PGI Visual Fortran adds MPI debugging to Windows suite

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Compiler maker The Portland Group announced late last week that the latest version of their Visual Fortran product for Windows adds debugging on Windows for MS MPI

PGI logo…PVF 9.0 is the first general release to include support for the building, launching and debugging of Microsoft MPI (MSMPI) Fortran applications from within the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment.

PVF augments the Visual Studio debugger by adding a Fortran language specific custom debug engine. The PVF debug engine supports debugging of single and multi-thread, OpenMP, multi-thread MSMPI and hybrid MSMPI+OpenMP Fortran applications. It enables debugging of 64-bit or 32-bit applications using source code or assembly code, and provides full access to the registers and hardware state of the processors. Other new multi-process MSMPI capabilities in PVF 9.0 include Visual Studio property pages for configuring compile-time options, launching applications either locally on a workstation or on a distributed-memory Windows HPC Server 2008 cluster system, and debugging of programs running either locally or on a cluster.

This release also includes the PGI Accelerator framework (which we’ve written about) that lets developers target CPUs and GPUs without delving into CUDA.