GigaSpaces and MPI Europe partner on financial messaging overseas

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I have from time to time done stories on low latency messaging systems in the financial services industry because the technology is often related to our technologies. And every once in a while I get an email out of the blue asking for an update, which I usually don’t have.

So, today I point to the recently announced partnership between GigaSpaces, which provides a low latency application services platform, and MPI Europe, which focuses on technology projects in the financial services industry in Europe.

MPI Europe and GigaSpaces Technologies have formed a strategic partnership that will enable financial firms to manage risk and meet the demands of low latency trading more effectively. The partnership will enable GigaSpaces to extend its reach and capability within the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and will be a valuable addition to MPI Europe’s portfolio of specialist financial technology partners.

Today’s mission-critical transaction processing systems, from electronic trading to online banking and e-commerce, are burdened with more data, more channels and more services than ever before. In addition, regulatory pressure to manage and assess risk more effectively means that speed is the key to running effective risk simulations across the enterprise. Recent benchmark tests using high performance computing show that firms can cost-effectively perform full-risk simulations on their portfolios in minutes rather than hours and run pre-trade scenarios in milliseconds using GigaSpaces software, alongside the latest processing technology from technology leaders such as Intel.

More in the release at HPCwire.