Jumping Jehosephat, there is a degree in Green IT

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Found at c|net’s Green Tech blog

IBM on Wednesday said it has developed a two-year associates degree in “green data center management” in collaboration with the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Neb.

Starting in December, students will learn how to design and manage data centers to run efficiently in what IBM says is the first college degree in the subject. Classes will be offered online to remote students as well.

In the general for those concerned about the environment I suppose that all efforts to spread knowledge and efforts to improve our stewardship of the environment is a good thing. But in the specific this just seems silly.

…The green IT degree from IBM and Metropolitan Community College covers technologies for consolidating computing work loads, including virtualization, as well as security and disaster recovery. The course work also addresses the nuts and bolts of building and managing a facility, such as cabling and monitoring.

Here is IBM’s press release, in case you are a glutton for PR.