TACC uses Chevron funding to train next generation researchers

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Last week the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas, Austin, received a gift of $130,000 from Chevron to train the next generation of scientists and researchers to use computing to advance scientific research. This is the first in an anticipated series of donations to TACC from Chevron.

As one of the nation’s leading advanced computing centers, TACC operates among the largest supercomputing systems (Ranger), visualization displays (Stallion) and massive data storage systems (Corral) in the world. Researchers across the university, state and nation are using these resources for breakthroughs across all domains of science.

…”We are grateful to Chevron for making it possible to educate future scientists to solve science and society’s most challenging problems,” said TACC Director Jay Boisseau.

TACC will also broaden the curriculum and course materials to contribute to the education of students at other universities, and to train people already in the workplace who are dependent on advanced computing for delivering solutions in areas such as energy and medicine.