A Report from the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

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The CCC blog has a posting that summarizes Christine Alvarado’s impressions post-conference. It’s worth a read; I had the chance to meet with Telle Whitney a year or so ago, and she shared with me some exciting evidence that the Hopper Celebration actually helps accomlish something that computer science departments across the country are trying to achieve: higher retention of women.

While the technical program plainly illustrates the quality of the conference, what is more difficult to convey to those who did not attend is the positive energy and excitement that permeates the entire event.  Hundreds of students excitedly swarmed the Amazon.com booth to write code, with the hopes of being dubbed a “Ninja Coder.”  Students showcased t-shirts with the slogan “I code like a girl, and I’m proud of it!”