Capital Marketecture virtual conference covers big compute on Wall Street

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Today we’ve got news of another in the growing trend of virtual conferences, this one about big compute in the financial markets. We talk about HPC on Wall Street often on this site, in part because it is so interesting that technology we work with everyday is behind at least some of the forces that move markets.

According to some sources, over 73% of US equity trading volume is the product of advanced algorithmic strategies. Profits come from millisecond advantages in latency and processing speed, and Wall Street’s leading institutions are in an algorithmic arms race, each trying to wring maximum power and efficiency from their existing hardware.

From the conference:

Capital Marketecture Virtual lifts the lid on the HPC architectures employed by these firms, as senior architects and technologist come together to discuss the latest developments in Grid, Virtualisation and Cloud technologies, the secrets of ultra-low latency networks and the next generation of hardware and middleware that will shape the future of trading and of high Performance computing.

Taking place in a unique, virtual environment, Capital Marketecture Virtual offers unprecedented access to the people at the cutting edge of new tech development. Log in from anywhere to watch presentations, network, download white papers and discover the secrets of Wall Street’s elite.

The conference is scheduled for 10 – 11 November 2009. Learn more at