Educational materials on multicore in Intel's Academic Showcase

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Readers of this site will be well familiar with the opportunities and challenges presented by the rise of ubiquitous multicore processing. In order for developers, businesses, and schools to stay competitive and develop the best software possible, they must learn to integrate parallelism into their code for all platforms, from the bottom to the top of the computing pyramid.

Intel has a vested interest in helping this happen, but they’ve developed so many materials and tools that I’ve gotta believe they also believe its the right thing. They’ve recently introduced a new page focused on showcasing all the resources they support for the academic community. From an email I recently received pointing me to the site:

Intel logoThe Academic Showcase helps educators find the tools and resources they need to teach parallelism to the next generation of developers. Everything from courseware and training tools for use in the classroom, to the latest graphics and gaming codes to get students excited to learn, can be found at Intel’s Academic Showcase.

I’ve been through some of the materials myself; it’s good stuff. Check out the showcase here; the material is free, but registration is required.