Appro updates Xtreme-X line, ACE software

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This week from the show Appro announced updates to the Intel side of their Xtreme-X line of supers as well as ACE, the company’s management software solution. While I was at SC I dropped by the booth and got a brief walk-through of the news and brushed up on the company’s offerings.

Appro logoThe Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer is a highly scalable architecture that groups high performance servers together into a unified, fully integrated Scalable Unit (SU) that can be provisioned and managed as a stand-alone supercomputer. The Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer is based on the Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor offering interconnect fabric options for single rail InfiniBand Network for price/performance or dual rail configuration for performance/availability computing.

The company also announced news around Appro Cluster Engine (ACE)

…Appro ACE Management software offers plug and play for Xtreme-X Supercomputers, meaning all of the network and server hardware is automatically discovered and monitored. With its diskless booting of compute servers, ACE allows 10 to 10,000 compute nodes to boot quickly and simultaneously. Individual clusters can also be independently configured and provisioned to enable workload and energy management with improved levels of control.  Each application can see an optimized cluster environment freeing the administrators to manage the global compute environment and energy consumption.

The new additional features include: Fully stateless compute nodes and dynamic instant provisioning, revision control system enabling multiple cluster SW revisions and versions, support for full installation for Red Hat or CentOS distribution, host configuration synchronization,  automatic assignment of cluster host names and IP addresses, automatic management of host database (/etc/hosts), support for efficient global and cluster-level configuration files, integrated support and configuration for Grid Engine for batch queuing, resource management system and scheduling. Also, ACE now supports either local or remote disks.