CAPS adds OpenCL, Windows support

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Over the email transom today, news that CAPS Entreprise, the multicore programming tool company based in France, is announcing today that they’ve expanded platform support in their HMPP workbench product

CAPS, the pioneer in directive-based compiler technology with its HMPP flagship workbench, is pleased to announce the release of two new AMD CAL/IL and OpenCL back-end code generators, plus support for Windows operating system, thus expanding the field for new HMPP adopters.

While CAL/IL leverages the performance of AMD Stream processors, OpenCL perfectly matches HMPP code generation. OpenCL brings a low level API that enables to fine tune the programming of parallel processors from various hardware vendors coupled to general purpose CPU processors. HMPP positions itself as a high level abstraction for manycore programming, thus removing developers need for a deep knowledge of the underlying hardware architecture.

CAL is AMD’s Compute Abstraction Layer, and IL is the Intermediate Language used to drive AMD’s ATI graphics cards. CAL/IL and OpenCL support extends the already-existing HMPP support for CUDA and gives CAPS coverage of the major GPUs.

HMPP has also expanded onto Windows with Visual Studio integration.

CAL/IL back-end will be available in December, OpenCL and Windows support are planned to be released Q1 2010. CAPS will be demonstrating HMPP CAL/IL at SuperComputing, Portland, Oregon, from 16th to 19th of November, booth number 1100.