A conversation with TotalView Technologies

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As we move more fully into the pan-petaFLOPS era, the scaling limitations in our current set of application development tools is becoming more clear. And if we are to make effective use of the exascale machines our community will begin deploying by the end of this decade, a dramatic shift in our community’s development environment is needed. During SC09 we talked to TotalView Technologies’ Chris Gottbrath about what the company has in store for developers in 2010, and how they are moving to address the problems of extreme scale development.

[flashvideo file=http://insidehpc.com/media/2010/Totalview/TotalView.mp4 image=http://insidehpc.com/media/2010/Totalview/totalviewpreview.jpg description=”TotalView talks to insideHPC during SC09 about what technologies it has coming in 2010″ title=”TotalView talks to insideHPC about 2010″ screencolor=”0xffffff” height=”270″ width=”460″ /]