Live from the show floor with Avere Systems

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This year, as with last year, I recorded a bunch of audio during my meetings at SC. Unlike last year, however, I didn’t get hardly anything up during the show. So over the next several days I’ll be mending that sin as I work through my audio backlog.

Avere Systems logoIn this segment Ron Bianchini, the President and CEO of Avere, starts off by introducing us to his well-seasoned team, and then he walks me through the story of his company and where his product is positioned in the storage acceleration market space. Avere’s appliance sits in between your storage and your server and, the company hopes, enables you to separate decisions about performance from decisions about capacity. In terms of results, here’s one: Ron walks us through Avere’s NAS storage appliance and shows results at 130,000 IOPS on the SPECsfs2008 NFS benchmark, with one quarter of the disks needed by competitors. Cool stuff.

In this audio Ron is walking me through a presentation, but the conversation is very followable without it. We recorded this in the conference registration area early Wednesday morning before the conference opened, but you’ll still hear the noise of early conference goers in the background. Hey — it’s like being there without paying extra to check your bags.

Listen to the interview [audio:]

Download the audio file.