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Our pal Joe Landman over at Scalable Informatics (an advertiser on this site) was interviewed during SC09, and has posted a link to the show

TECHiNSIGHT magazine has posted the interview. This is what they say about Joe:
“Joe Landman, founder and CEO at Scalable Informatics is a smart guy and not just because he has a PH.D. He’s developed a couple of impressive machines and come up with a great way to prove how good they are.”
In this interview, Joe discusses the I/O performance of the Scalable Informatics JackRabbit server and Pegasus workstation. He describes how we can take the data from the disks of a JackRabbit 4U server and provide it across the network at ~1.8 GB/s sustained from the disks to the application and memory, and how with multiple JackRabbits clustered together, we can multiply that 1.8 GB/s by a very large factor and deliver it to end user applications in a very trivial manner.

Cool. The video is well done, looks like they used two cameras or did some re-shooting. Also, great effects in the lower third.