Intel talks up Westmere debut over next three months

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Last week Intel’s Paul Otellini talked about the company’s upcoming product plans during a financial earnings call, and specifically he talked about the company’s new Xeon server processors. Recall that Intel released its Xeon 5500 and 3500 series on March 30, 2009, based on the Nehalem architecture, and in August and September added a few models to the series. According to an article in PC World, Otellini said that Intel plans to release new Xeon server processors in the next three months. These new server processor chips will be manufactured on a 32 nm process, and be based on the Westmere microarchitecture.

Intel also talked about the highly anticipated Nehalem-EX. This processor is supposed to come in six-core (hex-core) and eight-core (octal-core) variants.  Hex-core and octal-core processors will allow system integrators to build larger HPC systems. Nehalem-EX is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2010, and will be manufactured on a 45 nm process.

For more details on the conference call, check out the PC World article.