Getting to exascale: a podcast interview with Intel's chief supercomputing architect

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HPC in 2010 podcast logoThis podcast is part of the exclusive video, audio, and feature series at called HPC in 2010, a look ahead at the technologies, issues, and opportunities our community will be facing in 2010. In this installment of the series, I talk to Bill Camp, the Chief Supercomputing Architect at Intel.

Bill refers to himself as Mr. Exascale at Intel, and his thinking goes all the way from transistors to software. In this conversation, recorded on the show floor during SC09 in Portland, Bill and I talk about the challenges of getting to exascale, the relationship of exascale technologies to commodity processing, and much more. Is Intel thinking about a return to specialized chips for extreme scale supercomputing? How are we going to build exascale systems that take 20 MW, not 200 MW? What about resiliency? Listen to the show and find out.

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