Lumerical donates software to ScotGrid for nanophotonics

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Last week Vancouver-based Lumerical Solutions, Inc. announced the donation of FDTD Solutions Engine licenses for use on ScotGrid, a UK-based technical computing grid. From the release

Scientists are now able to perform large-scale design of devices across a diverse range of applications in biophotonics, display technologies, solar energy, and optical communications, sensing and imaging on one of the largest grid computing facilities in the United Kingdom. The donated Engine licenses allow researchers in the UK using FDTD Solutions to run, at no additional cost, their simulations efficiently on any of ScotGrid’s 1,900 processing cores.

…The Nano Research Group at the University of Southampton is another group that will be making use of the combined capabilities of FDTD Solutions running on ScotGrid. ‘We use FDTD Solutions to explore how optical integrated circuits composed of photonic nanowires and photonic crystal can be applied to various technologies of industrial interest, including optical interconnects, logic switches, sensing, illumination and display technologies,’ says Dr. Harold Chong, a lecturer in the School of Electronics and Computer Science. ‘The potential to run many simulations at the same time on the large computing resources of ScotGrid will have an immense impact on the research productivity of my group.’

More info in the release.