Cisco Containers Target Federal Market

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Cisco has been busily chipping away at the enterprise server market with the Unified Computing System [UCS] technology.  Interestingly enough, they also seem to be chipping away at the containerized data center market as well.  They have now officially confirmed that they are indeed developing containerized data center technology internally.

One of their first forays into the market was the NASA Nebula cloud computing project at the Ames Research Center.  This system included a Verari-built FOREST container with Cisco guts inside.  According to folks within Cisco, they liked the project so much that they’re now packaging their own container purpose-built for UCS goodies and marketed directly to the US Federal customers.

We’re looking at a model of building a Cisco container – with a Cisco part number – that will contain the unified computing platform,” said Bruce Klein, Cisco’s U.S. public sector senior VP.

According to marketing material found on the Cisco website, containers can be purchased and deployed in 12-16 weeks with a PUE rating of 1.05 to 1.25.  They will even support third party equipment.

Is Cisco getting to this game too late?  From the looks of it, they’re already showing promise.  For more info, read the original article here.