Clustercorp Releases Rocks+ 5.3

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Clustercorp, today, announced the release of the latest version of their Rocks+, the commercially supported version of the open source cluster management stack.  Rocks+ version 5.3 extends support for the latest version of Rocks as well as a series of feature upgrades to their Rocks+Rolls.  Included in this release is support for OFED 1.5 [with 10GbE iWARP support], RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS 5.4, updates to the virtualization stack and IPMI configuration enhancements.

“Clustercorp is pleased to continue its close relationship with the Rocks community and the many hardware vendors who ship clusters with Rocks+,” said Tim McIntire, President and Co-Founder of Clustercorp. “With this release, Rocks+ continues to take a leadership position in making clusters and clouds simple, effective solutions.”

Support for virtualization in Rocks+ 5.3 allows servers to be provisioned as virtual machine containers, which can be used to build individual virtual machines (VMs) and virtual clusters & clouds (VCs).  Available Rocks+ solutions include Rocks+HPC, Rocks+Cloud, and Rocks+Rolls.  Rolls include the OFED Roll, PGI Roll, Intel® Developer Roll, Moab Roll, LSF Roll, PBS Pro Roll, Hybrid Roll, Intel® Cluster Ready Roll, and more. Clustercorp also supports open source Rolls including Torque and Grid Engine.

For more info, check out the Clustercorp website here.