Green IT certification

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If you’re a certification-oriented kind of gal, you might be interested in a new exam in green IT practices from the Computer Technology Industry Association that showed up in a post at the Green Tech blog

CompTIA, or the Computer Technology Industry Association, is now offering a Green IT exam to certify IT professionals in the use of environmentally-friendly technologies and policies. CompTIA is a nonprofit trade group that offers certification, research, and other services to IT professionals. The new exam is geared toward IT supervisors, data center managers, and other IT admins who need to ensure that their operations and resources are green, said CompTIA.

More specifically, the exam covers key environmental topics such as waste disposal, preserving power, lowering your company’s carbon footprint, recognizing green IT standards, setting up virtual machines, and determining your return on investment in setting up green IT projects.

And that’s all I have to say about that.