HPC cameos in Gordon Brown speech

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I debated about whether this was news, but decided it was given that everyone was talking about President Bush’s mention of supercomputing in his 2006 state of the union address

First, I propose to double the federal commitment to the most critical basic research programs in the physical sciences over the next 10 years. This funding will support the work of America’s most creative minds as they explore promising areas such as nanotechnology, supercomputing, and alternative energy sources.

Gordon BrownLast week Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party, addressed the Welsh Labour Party and managed to shoe horn HPC in to a feel good speech about all the good stuff going on in Wales and the policy challenges facing the country in the coming weeks. Here’s what he said

Here at the institute of life sciences at Swansea University Wales is, with IBM, a world research hub for life sciences – with its world beating supercomputer dedicated to life science research.

And there you have it.