HPCC kicks off next week, Eng Lim Goh on deck again

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The 22nd annual HPCC Conference in Newport kicks off next week — I’ll be attending again as I have for several years now. On balance it is my favorite HPC conference: small and intimate, a single track, and uniformly attended by smart, engaged people from the HPC community. I’ll post updates from the meeting as often as I can.

Eng Lim GohOne of the things I look forward to at the conference is getting to hear from the “regular” speakers. Although the program is quite dynamic and changes from year to year, there are always a few speakers that you can count on; Intel’s Stephen Wheat, for example, and SGI’s Eng Lim Goh.

Eng Lim (who is just one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet) has two slots at this year’s conference: a presentation called “Back to Basics to Go Forward in HPC,” and a slot on the panel “Supercomputing: Where Are We Going?” Both look interesting. If you are interested in SGI’s presence at the show, check out their press release.

Stephen Wheat’s talk, “Has Everyone Left Yet?”, also looks interesting

…The recent dialogue has identified the existence of a relatively large un-served element within the possible HPC community, that which has been described as the “missing middle”.  These are users at the mid range of scientific computing for whom we must lower the bar for entry into modestly parallel computing. …

Stephen WheatIn this talk, I will review the progress of the envisioned reformation.  I will more fully define and describe the missing middle and what it might be like if the missing middle weren’t “missing”.  The motivation herein is to inspire further thinking and participation in the HPC reformation with an industry valuation of the role of facilitating the missing middle will have on what we have historically viewed as the supercomputer segment.  By enabling the missing middle to leave the starting blocks, there will be more energy for our journey.  We won’t ever get “there”, but we’ll certainly go faster and accomplish greater feats by having accomplished no one having been left behind.  Updates on Intel HPC technologies and activities will be reviewed throughout the talk, at the pertinent times.