Tech-X Opens Subsidiary in Switzerland

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Tech-X announced today that is has established a subsidiary in Zurich, Switzerland geared towards providing support for its software products and consulting services in physics simulations and high-performance computing.  Peter Messmer will serve as chief executive of the new Tech-X GmbH in Zurich.

We’re really looking forward to working with universities, labs and industry by providing computational solutions for improved product development,” said John Cary, Tech-X’s chief executive in a prepared statement.

High-performance computing is becoming increasingly important to all areas of science and engineering, either for processing massive amounts of data or in using computer simulations as a cost-saving measure in the product development cycle,” [Peter Messmer] said in a statement.

Tech-X provides products such as VORPAL and GPUlib.  VORPAL has a wide range of uses, including the modeling of electromagnetic structures, plasma and photonics devices, and it can take advantage of the tens of thousands of CPUs found in current supercomputers.  GPULib enables scientists and engineers to take advantage of graphics processing units, emerging high-performance hardware to accelerate their software applications.  For more info, read their full release here.