TotalView revs parallel development tools

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Rogue Wave (remember, they acquired TotalView and we broke the news here) announced this week that TotalView Technologies has revved key tools in their parallel development arsenal

TotalView logoTotalView Technologies, a Rogue Wave Software company and provider of interactive analysis and debugging tools for serial and parallel codes, today announced the simultaneous release of TotalView® 8.8, ReplayEngine 1.7, and MemoryScape 3.1. These interoperable products are designed around the troubleshooting needs of scientists and developers working in HPC, Technical Computing and commercial software development. They dramatically simplify debugging and memory analysis especially for applications that are data-intensive, multi-threaded, or distributed across a network or cluster.

TotalView 8.8 adds support for Fedora 12, Ubuntu 9.10, and version 10.1 of the PGI Compiler Suite, along with several other changes.

ReplayEngine, a TotalView add-on, records program execution history and replays it for diagnosis with TotalView and MemoryScape. With the release of ReplayEngine 1.7, a Backwards Continue feature has been added, with support for breakpoints, watchpoints, and expression points. MPI support has been expanded to include Nemesis and SSM channels for MPICH2, and shared memory configuration for OpenMPI, IntelMPI, HP MPI, and LAM MPI. This release of ReplayEngine also features enhanced stability and performance for multi-threaded programs using OpenMP.

MemoryScape 3.1 brings the Red Zones instant bounds-checking in heap memory functionality, which was available for Linux in previous releases, to Solaris and Apple OS X.