What Would You Do with 48 Cores?

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amdAMD wants to know.  How bad?  Bad enough to announce a contest.  [and we all know how much we love contests].  The folks at AMD are seeking your best essays, videos or blogs documenting how you might use 48 cores.  What will you win?  Well, 48 cores [including:]…

  • Four new AMD Opteron™ processors Model 6174, 12-core (2.2 GHz)
  • TYAN S8812 motherboard: the motherboard is a Tyan S8812 that features 4 processor sockets with the capacity for you to install up to 8 DIMMs per socket
  • one copy of Windows Server® 2008

Ooooooo! Gear!

For those of you living under a rock – or working away in the depths of the data center – the AMD Opteron 6100 series processors are 8- and 12-core processors that feature an incredible four channels of DDR-3 memory.  That’s 33% more channels than expected competing Intel products* and more than double the memory throughput of our existing products.** These are the first 8- and 12-core x86 processors in the market and you could be one of the first to have such a historic product in your hands.

If you’re interested in entering, check out the contest and submission details here.


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  1. Nice! 48 cores…it looks like one of those positronic computers seen on Start Trek! I bet they are even able to materialize food and water in the dvd tray!. However nice insight.. I stubled on this article by chance. Thanks for sharing

  2. By the way..you forgot to mention the price….$8,189 USD!