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What Would You Do with 48 Cores?

amdAMD wants to know.  How bad?  Bad enough to announce a contest.  [and we all know how much we love contests].  The folks at AMD are seeking your best essays, videos or blogs documenting how you might use 48 cores.  What will you win?  Well, 48 cores [including:]…

  • Four new AMD Opteron™ processors Model 6174, 12-core (2.2 GHz)
  • TYAN S8812 motherboard: the motherboard is a Tyan S8812 that features 4 processor sockets with the capacity for you to install up to 8 DIMMs per socket
  • one copy of Windows Server® 2008

Ooooooo! Gear!

For those of you living under a rock – or working away in the depths of the data center – the AMD Opteron 6100 series processors are 8- and 12-core processors that feature an incredible four channels of DDR-3 memory.  That’s 33% more channels than expected competing Intel products* and more than double the memory throughput of our existing products.** These are the first 8- and 12-core x86 processors in the market and you could be one of the first to have such a historic product in your hands.

If you’re interested in entering, check out the contest and submission details here.


  1. Nice! 48 cores…it looks like one of those positronic computers seen on Start Trek! I bet they are even able to materialize food and water in the dvd tray!. However nice insight.. I stubled on this article by chance. Thanks for sharing

  2. By the forgot to mention the price….$8,189 USD!


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