MVAPICH2 Turns 1.5RC2

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I can remember by 1.5’th RC2 birthday just like it was yesterday.  [but that’s another story]  Last night, Dhabaleswar Panda sent a note to the mvapich mailing list detailing the latest MVAPICH2 release.  1.5RC2 includes the following features and enhancements:

  • Support for hwloc library (1.0.1) for defining CPU affinity
  • Deprecating older PLPA support for defining CPU affinity with HWLOC
  • Efficient CPU binding policies (bunch and scatter) to specify CPU binding per job for modern multi-core platforms
  • New flag in mpirun_rsh to execute tasks with different group IDs
  • Enhancement to the design of Win_complete for RMA operations
  • Flexibility to support variable number of RMA windows
  • Support for Intel iWARP NE020 adapter

A few of the squashed bugs include:

  • Compilation issue with the ROMIO adio-lustre driver
  • Allowing checkpoint-restart for large-scale systems
  • Correcting a bug in clear_kvc function
  • Shared lock operations with RMA with scatter process distribution

For more info on this release and all its glorious features, check out the mvapich page at Ohio State here.


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