VLSCI Buys SGI XE Cluster

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UPDATED: Australia’s Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative [VLSCI] has announced the purchase of a shiny new SGI XE 1300 cluster. The new machine, to be located in the Parkville Precinct facility, will help the VLSCI researchers to “explore large databases, create complex simulation models and to visualize and analyze data to accelerate important cancer, cardiovascular and neurological disease and diabetes research.”

SGI logoIt is exciting for VLSCI and the University of Melbourne to see that 40 high-profile life sciences research projects are already progressing on our new SGI cluster,” said David Bannon, peak computing facility manager at VLSCI. “The successful projects cover a broad spectrum of life science research topics such as nano-molecular motors, G protein-coupled receptors or arteriosclerosis disease, amongst many others.”

The VLSCI was established by the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Government with the charter of life sciences research. For more info, read their release here.

Thanks to Chris Samuel for pointing us to the official VLSCI announcement as well.


  1. It’s actually up and running already. 🙂

    Seem to be missing the link to the SGI PR here:


    The VLSCI announcement of it going live is here: