Link and Run for 07/09/2010

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EMC to Acquire Greenplum
EMC Corporation, the world’s leading provider of information infrastructure solutions, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire California-based Greenplum, Inc. Greenplum is a privately-held, fast-growing provider of disruptive data warehousing technology, a key enabler of “big data” clouds and self-service analytics. Upon completion of the acquisition, Greenplum will form the foundation of a new data computing product division within EMC’s Information Infrastructure business.

Heterogeneous Multi-Core Chips Might Be Needed for Exascale Computers
The next big thing for supercomputers are projected to be exascale machines. The leading chip designers are working on technologies that will enable the next leap in the high-performance computing space. According to an HPC expert from the University of Tennessee, in exascale systems will require new central processors, graphics processors or hybrids that combine both onto the same piece of silicon. But, Cell chips, which are heterogeneous multi-core processors, are dead end.

Introducing OpenCL
Over the past decade, graphics cards have gone from being simple accelerators to being fast general-purpose computing engines. David Chisnall looks at OpenCL, a new API for running non-graphics applications on modern GPUs.

Australians launch new Compute Cloud
With the launch of their new Compute Cloud last month, the Australian Research Collaboration Service aims to bring user friendly grid and cloud computing to a whole new level.

Supercomputer centre to boost telescope bid
The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works yesterday recommended the Federal Government spend $66 million to build the Pawsey High Performance Computing Centre in Perth.