NEC Aims To Double HPC Sales By 2014

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NECOne caveat though.  They plan to do so with expansion in Europe.  We covered the first tidbits of this story several weeks ago during ISC’10.  However, today, NEC released more details on their planned market expansion.  According to the source article, they want to command 5% of the overall HPC market.  The market that is projected to grow to $14.6billion [US] by 2014.

The barrier to entry in Europe is lower than in the U.S., where there’s a ‘buy American’ mentality,” Fumihiko Hisamitsu said. “There’s a potential for us to grow our business there.”

This is quite a plan for NEC.  IBM, Cray and Sun have made significant inroads into the European market over the past three years.  SGI has always done very well in countries such as Germany, so the strong incumbent presence will be difficult to unseat.

For more info, read the source article here in BusinessWeek.