OSC partners with Moldex3D to bring industrial simulation software to Blue Collar Computing

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In mid-July OSC let me know about a new development with their Blue Collar Computing program, which is seeing something of a resurgence these days (then I went on vacation and forgot to publish it).

OSC logoOSC has partnered with Moldex3D to demonstrate the performance of its pioneering 3-D simulations for efficient verifications of part/mold designs for educational use. As part of this partnership, Moldex3D is donating 30 eDesign licenses over a three-year period with a cost value of $1,050,000 in support of OSC’s Ralph Regula School of Computational Science education program.

…As part of its Blue Collar Computing™ offerings, OSC will provide manufacturers with the training and computational resources needed to use advanced modeling and simulation to test processes and product design. Industries participating in the OSC’s Blue Collar Computing program gain access to its advanced modeling and simulation resources and services in order to reduce the time and expense involved in determining proof of concept and designing new products, as well as to improve production efficiency. The program also uses custom-designed web portals to give businesses secure, easy access to processing power, and mass storage systems without the need for in-house infrastructure or computational science expertise.

More at the link above. This announcement is part of OSC’s partnership with PolymerOhio, a statewide effort to increase use of modeling and simulation in the polymer industry in Ohio. This kind of effort is key to catalyzing the adoption of HPC to solve “everyday” problems in industry and manufacturing in order to build out the “missing middle” in the HPC marketplace.