Podcast: New Exascale Report Tracks the Future

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In this podcast, I interview John West and Mike Bernhardt, founders of The Exascale Report. This new, subscription-based publication offers insider reporting on the technologies and initiatives that are in the works for Exascale computing in the coming decade.

If you look at Exascale efforts internationally, you really find very little awareness among the different groups about what other people are doing,” said John E. West, co-founder of The Exascale Report. “In many cases, it’s not only that a group’s awareness is limited to their own country, it’s limited to their own project. Because these are very difficult to fund, very intensive scientific and engineering efforts to build these computers and the people working on this stuff are really just very busy and very focused. And so what The Exascale Report hopefully does is give an in-depth view to all of our readers on what’s going on in all the other groups. So it will kind of bring the community together and hopefully stimulate some discussion that raises all boats at the same time.”

For the next two weeks, readers can still take advantage of the inaugural subscription rate of $250 for an annual subscription. As of August 1, 2010, this annual subscription rate will go up to $295.