Insurers in Good Hands With Cloud HPC

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Financial service companies are facing a lot more regulatory requirements these days, and that can put a huge strain on their IT infrastructure. So how do insurers go about implementing HPC when it lies outside their core competency? As described in this feature story, the simplest answer may be to move to the IBM Computing on Demand:

This client experienced a 5x increase in HPC computing requirements when implementing a new European regulatory requirement called Market-Consistent Embedded Value (MCEV) Principles. This company had a constrained in-house infrastructure, and they only needed to access a large compute cluster two to three weeks in a given month. They concluded that running this workload on a Windows-based cluster in an IBM CoD center was the most cost-effective way to meet these requirements.

According to IBM’s Alan McCarter, about 90% of Big Blue’s CoD customers are in the financial services industry.