Intersect360 Rounds Out Team With New Analyst

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Sue Korn, CFA

Sue Korn, CFA

The folks over at Intesect360 Research are doing some interesting stuff in the HPC space these days. And business must be good because they just brought on a new analyst, Sue Gouws Korn. A 20-year veteran of the Financial Services industry, Sue will spearhead research in “Edge HPC” applications including finance, web analytics, insurance, and capital markets.

Tremendous opportunities are emerging in the Edge HPC application space for the use of high performance computing technologies among organizations who don’t see themselves as HPC users,” says Korn. “In my role at Intersect360 Research, I look forward to providing insights that will help technology providers meet the needs of those users.”

Intersect360 defines Edge HPC as “the use of HPC technologies for applications in business areas outside the traditional engineering and science boundaries, such as business process optimization, virtual environments, and high-frequency trading.” This sounds like the Missing Middle to me, and perhaps now these lost lambs have a shepherdess to watch over them.