Video: Dell PowerEdge C6105 Serves Up Value for Scaling Out

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Last week Dell came out with a new set of servers designed to bring HPC and Cloud Computing to a wider customer base.

Perhaps the most notable of the set is the PowerEdge C6105, which AMD blogger John Fruehe described as four servers packaged together to provide 48 cores in a 2U chassis:

These systems are ideal for scale-out Web 2.0, hosting, and HPC applications where core count and power efficiency are more important than raw compute power. These customers are power, space, weight and budget constrained data center environments such as co-los and large public organizations such as universities, and government agencies.


I like the style of low-tech, show-and-tell videos like this that get up close so I can see what’s under the hood. In this case, the PowerEdge C6105 features the AMD Opteron 4100, a processor that consumes the “lowest power per core of any server processor on the market today” according to Fruehe.