Whamcloud Announces First National Lab Customer

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For those of you interested in the current and future status of the Lustre file system, you’re probably keeping a keen eye on the new Whamcloud startup.  Well, today they announced their first national laboratory customer.  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has contracted Whamcloud to assist them in furthering the development of the Lustre Monitoring Tool.  The tool is designed to assist administrators in debugging and performance testing of large Lustre file systems.

At first look, it may not look at that snazzy, but read on.  LLNL is developing the tool for their large-scale Hyperion Data Intensive Testbed.  They’re testing large-scale deployments of solid-state disks [SSD’s], as well as many other future HPC technologies.  This is the future of operational HPC in the making.

“We’ve been long-time supporters of Lustre and are extremely happy to see that Whamcloud is continuing to support the Lustre on Linux community,” said Mark Seager, Livermore’s principal investigator for ASCI platforms. “LLNL continues to be at the forefront of developing HPC technologies and pushing the envelope for data intensive computing environments that support our national security mission.”

Whamcloud will assist LLNL to migrate the Lustre Monitoring Toll [LMT] to the Lustre 2.0 code base.  The LMT improvements will make their way into Whamcloud’s regression test suite and will eventually be made available worldwide.

“We’re excited to be working with Livermore, a preeminent supercomputing site, as this will directly benefit the Lustre community. It’s an opportunity to extend Lustre functionality for HPC administrators with an incredibly knowledgeable and talented partner,” said Brent Gorda, CEO of Whamcloud. “No other at-scale tests have been performed like this, and the results will be made available for everyone to use.”

For more info, check out Whamcloud’s website here.


  1. “but read one” and “LLNL is developing the toll” – looks like a bit more proof reading might be needed! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Chris. We appreciate your watchful eye, especially since the sun hasn’t even come up yet here in California 😉