White Paper: Tiered Parity Architecture for Big Data Integrity

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Rebuilding RAID arrays can be a time-consuming nightmare, but it doesn’t  have to be that way. Learn more about how Panasas Tiered Parity Architecture can help in a newly available white paper:

Disk drives are approximately 250 times denser today than a decade ago. This is good news for users who are creating, manipulating and storing more data than ever before. It gives them an opportunity to derive more value from their stored data and lowers the capital acquisition and operating expense associated with that data. However, while drive density has increased 250 times, drive interface speeds are only about 10 times faster. The result is that high capacity drives take much longer to reconstruct than the drives in early RAID systems, and the amount of data stored in a single RAID array can take days or weeks of downtime to restore from tape. These new denser disk drives have created substantial challenges for RAID. This white paper discusses how a new architectural approach is addressing these challenges and delivering industry-leading data integrity for large scale storage systems.

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